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Is Forced Exercise Effective for Parkinson’s?


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A group of doctors had their patients go through intense exercise to reduce their symptoms. Here’s what they found.

What those riders are actually doing is fighting for their freedom. They have discovered that exercise, specifically forced-exercise, is giving them a way to reduce their symptoms and lessen the effects of Parkinson’s disease. It’s giving them the freedom to do the things they love doing despite their disease.

Using the specially designed exercise equipment, such as the Theracycle, patients are able to push their bodies and help overcome their symptoms. The Theracycles are modified bikes that have been designed to help those with disorders like Parkinson’s by working with the body and making it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their strength and endurance. Regular workout equipment uses resistance to help improve the user’s performance. The Theracycle doesn’t have the barrier of resistance, making it accessible to anyone.

A group of doctors in Cleveland has discovered that the use of forced-exercise could possibly be the best way to overcome the debilitating tremors and muscle contractions that come with Parkinson’s disease. Forced exercise is the term coined for when Parkinson’s patients are ‘forced’ to maintain a higher than usual achievable level of exercise.

In this particular case, doctors are using cycling as a way to get their patients to do force-exercise. …

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