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The Power of Theracycle: James Drastically Reduces PD Symptoms with Forced Exercise

Forced Exercise Whitepaper


Over 1.5 million Americans struggle with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), a condition that can turn everyday tasks into serious challenges. There is currently no cure for PD, so for most, the search for ways to alleviate symptoms and prolong personal independence starts quickly after diagnosis.

This whitepaper explores the personal journey of James*, who despite having received a PD diagnosis in 2010, has been able to keep his symptoms at bay and maintain personal freedom. James enrolled in physical therapy at Virginian Outpatient Therapy (VOT) and discovered the Theracycle. As a means to stay active, James worked with his physical therapist, Shirlea Hennessy, to replicate a unique study conducted by the Cleveland Clinic, Forced, Not Voluntary, Exercise Improves Motor Function in Parkinson’s Disease Patients. After eight weeks, he saw a staggering 77 percent improvement in his overall motor function.

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*Name has been changed