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Alternating Pressure Mattress

Universal Therapy System (UTS)

Universal Therapy System (UTS)

Mattress Warranty: 1 year

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The Universal Therapy System (UTS) is the next evolution of air mattress pressure area care. With the pump integrated into the mattress, the UTS eliminates the hassle of external connection hoses and external pump handling. You get a simple installation that provides care in a clutter-free environment.

The system includes integrated automatic weight sensing technology to provide maximal distribution of patient weight across the alternating pressure air mattress system. Designed with alternating low pressure and continuous low-pressure therapy modes, the system will help prevent tissue breakdown and encourage the healing of pressure ulcers. The foam-in-cell design and stretchable top cover ensures maximum comfort, lowers the possibility of skin shearing, and protects against pressure ulcers during transfers or power outages.

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Features & Benefits

The Universal Therapy System (UTS)

Auto-Sensing Comfort Control

The UTS™ mattress delivers fully automatic weight setting and comfort control following installation. The dedicated handset allows you to control finer levels of sensitivity on the ‘intelligent’ system.

Step-Up Step-Down Flexibility

The UTS™ Step-up/Step-down options help patients and care givers reduce time and disruption at the point of surface pressure. Whether you need a static surface or an alternating mattress, the UTS™ delivers both, effectively.

Outstanding Clinical Efficiency

By delivering full depth alternation, unhindered by foam, the UTS™ system has been proven through evidence based clinical research to fully support reactive hyperemia and the treatment of all grades of pressure ulcers.

Additional Mattress Features, Benefits, & Specifications

  • Zonal Management & Care
    The UTS™ delivers flexible, therapeutic zonal care (head, sacral and heel) and protection, with a host of customizable options for the user.
  • User freedom & independence
    By switching product control to a more accessible handset, the UTS™ delivers freedom, independence and ease of operation to both users with limited or impaired mobility and caregivers alike.
  • Continuous Low-pressure Therapy
    In static mode, the UTS™ uses CLP management to deliver greater overall pressure distribution. This is particularly beneficial to hypersensitive patients and any users requiring additional comfort.
  • Micro-climate Management
    The vented heat extraction system within the UTS™ delivers ever-high levels of user comfort and significantly reduces moisture.
  • AOD (Air-on-demand) Efficiency
    The in-house manufactured AOD (air on demand) compressor provides greater efficiency and reliability, with near silent running performance.
  • Advanced Multi-stretch Cover
    By managing its own material coating and lamination factory, caremed provides the very best in multi-stretch cover manufacturing and ingress protection.
  • Multi-functional Surface Support
    While most hybrid mattresses are topped with a foam overlay, the UTS™ uses a foam layer as support beneath the alternating AOD cells for greater comfort and better clinical results.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
    Enclosing the traditional control unit within the UTS™ mattress removes all obvious visual reference to a medical product being present in the home.
  • Your Universal Therapy System (UTS) Package Includes the Following:
    Low-cost air mattress, air compressor/pump, and an easy-to-use hand controller.