1. Conditions

Theracycle Reduces Symptoms of Neurological Conditions

Individuals from across the globe with mobility challenges are experiencing the benefits of exercising using a Theracycle physical therapy bicycle. Our unique motorized exercise bike using “Forced Exercise” technology provides proven therapy for Parkinson’s, MS, strokes, spinal cord injuries, fall injuries, senior fitness, arthritis, obesity, and other neurological or movement conditions.


Stay active and exercise with a Theracycle Parkinson’s Disease Bike to keep symptoms in check

Theracycle is shown to reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. The Theracycle is ideal for Parkinson’s therapy due to it’s unique motor-assisted design that allows you to maintain a higher speed and duration that would be difficult to maintain on your own using a traditional stationary bike, proven to reduce symptoms. …


Reduce MS symptoms like swelling, spasms, and stiffness by exercising with a Theracycle

Reduce fatique and leg stiffness, and improve your gait and balance with a Theracyle, the best at-home exercise equipment and supplement to Multiple Sclerosis treatment. …


Increase energy, flexibility, and mobility by using Theracycle during your stroke recovery

Make strides in stroke rehabilitation progress with Theracycle for stroke survivors. …

Spinal Cord Injuries

Improve your overall health and mobility with a Theracycle home exercise equipment for spinal cord injuries

Get the in-home exercise and physical therapy you need to help reduce tone and spasticity, increase flexibility with Theracycle for spinal cord injury treatment. …


Invigorate your body and meet your fitness goals with the motorized Theracycle

Increase energy levels and maintain good health with Theracycle for senior fitness. …


Alleviate pain and stiffness with Theracycle for arthritis relief

Get back in the game and start enjoying your favorite activities again. …


Feel great, lose weight, and get healthy with Theracycle home exercise equipment

Combining exercise with a healthy diet is the key to combating obesity. …

Other Conditions

Get your body moving again with Theracycle home exercise equipment

Reduce fatigue and improve energy with Theracycle home exercise equipment for movement disorders. …