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Theracycle Video Testimonials: Parkinson’s Customers

Our Theracycle users love their Theracycle. Many of our customers say that once they’ve tried it, they cannot live without it. See for yourself how a Theracycle can change your life!

Joe Passenti, former football player, loves his Theracycle for maintaining fitness and reducing Parkinson’s symptoms

Former college football player, Joe Passenti, recommends Theracycle for anyone who has Parkinson’s. Theracycle helps him to maintain a fitness regimen, it is easy to use, and it reduces his rigidity and freezing due to Parkinson’s.

Gerry B cannot live without his Theracycle

Gerry B, a resident of New York and Florida, tells you why he cannot be without his Theracycle—which he uses to help control a rare form of Parkinson’s.

Control Parkinson’s Symptoms with Nutrition, Attitude & Exercise

Theracycle rider Jan Rose shares her experience and success with using the motorized bicycle.

Jan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 4 years ago and was told by the neurologist that three things can control Parkinson’s symptoms, nutrition, attitude and exercise, with exercise being the most important. Jan rides her Theracycle for 7 days a week for 1 minute to warm up and a minute to cool and the rest of the time, maintaining a top speed of 15 mph for a roughly 11 mile trip! The Theracycle is designed specifically as a means of physical therapy through forced exercise and movement for those living with Parkinson’s and other mobility disorders

Theracycle Rider Marie Carteaux: “Being Physical is the Most Important Thing”

Once she got over the shock of her diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, Marie Carteaux started to research online about what her options were to treat her symptoms naturally. “I have tried a lot of different things, and they’ve all helped me some degree, but nothing has helped me as much as this (stationary) bicycle, the Theracycle.”

“My husband was skeptical” she says, “but he now tells people it’s the smartest thing I’ve done of all the different things I’ve tried.”

The Theracycle is a motorized exercise bike that helps improve your strength, mobility and flexibility. As a low-impact exercise that’s aided by a revolutionary smart-motor, the Theracycle is a perfect companion for at-home physical therapy for the symptoms of Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and other movement disorders.

John Gondring gives the new Theracycle a ride at JQ’s Parkinson’s Training Center.

John knows about the importance and challenges of getting sufficient exercise when living with Parkinson’s disease. John explains, “Exercise improves your symptoms. Access to the new Theracycle at JQ’s Parkinson’s Training Center really allows me to exercise. … Read more

Theracycle Rider Joe Kapsch: Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

Joe Kapsch, a Theracycle rider talks about the importance and challenges of getting sufficient exercise when living with Parkinson’s disease. Joe explains, “Exercise improves your symptoms. Bicycling has done some tremendous things for people with Parkinson’s. …For me personally, it just enriches my soul and gets me going. Truth is I’d rather play basketball than exercise, I’d rather play golf… this is a means to keep playing golf and everything else. I can never get too much exercise on it, and it’s easy”

Joe isn’t alone—many people living with Parkinson’s disease have discovered the benefits of exercising, and the motorized Theracycle is designed specifically as a means of physical therapy through exercise and movement for those living with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke symptoms, or other mobility disorders.

Theracycle Rider Dr. Paul Gustavson: Keep Moving with Parkinson’s disease

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s in the early 2000’s, Dr. Paul Gustavson discovered the motorized Theracycle after hearing about a tandem bicycle study that showed the impact cycling could help patients with Parkinson’s disease symptoms. As a physician, he knew it was important to keep moving. Now, Dr. Gustavson has made the Theracycle a part of his day. “Because of the way its set up, I don’t have to do anything. I could literally sit on it and just put my feet in the stirrups… It’s a daily use for me; it basically gets my day going. I get up and set the pot of oatmeal… then get upstairs with the dog. He runs the treadmill while I do the Theracycle.”

“Maybe for the first five minutes I’m doing a little less than expected and then as time goes on, I can actually start pushing against the machinery and start to get some muscle toning out of it. …It’s become a part of my day, as much as my oatmeal.”

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