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Benefits of Parkinson’s Disease Exercise and Therapy

Using the Theracycle for Parkinson’s Disease

People all over the country with Parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions are experiencing the benefits of exercising on the Theracycle. Not only are they seeing and feeling substantial reduction in symptoms, but also improvement in their quality of life.

People claim they feel more energized, more confident, and stronger after riding the bike. Riding the Theracycle improves balance and walking, reduces tremors, and increases muscle tone. The Theracycle helps fight fatigue, improves circulation, flexibility, endurance, lifts the mood and provides an overall feeling of well-being.

Here’s What Theracyclists Have to Say

The Theracycle is able to provide steady, high cadences that I advocate for Parkinson’s training. The Theracycle is an efficient machine which allows any combination of voluntary and forced exercise.” David Heydrick, MD, MS, Founder of the Parkinson’s Pyramid and a neurologist living with Parkinson’s disease.
My days that start with the Theracycle are so much better.” Dave Davenport, Sierra Vista, AZ
Right from the beginning, upon riding the Theracycle, we could see immediate improvements in my physical functions.” Dennis, Port Orange, FL
The Theracycle is so easy to use and available to me at any time of day. I have gained several physical benefits from the Theracycle including better posture, stronger legs, and upper body flexibility.” Gloria Merritt, San Antonio, TX
I know the Theracycle has contributed tremendously to the slow progression of my Parkinson’s disease. I began to realize the benefits of forced exercise very quickly. The Theracycle has cycled me through the past nine years with such ease and great reward. What I love most about the bike is that it has instilled in me the incredible value of exercise, especially for people with PD.” Janet Butler, Dover, NH
I told my neurologist I am feeling better and use my scooters less than I did a year ago. The Theracycle, I know, is one of the top reasons for this.” Jim Schaefer, Lancaster, NY
I love to get on that bike! I can’t say enough about it. Believe me, there is no doubt in my mind that if I didn’t use that bike I would not be walking. It is the best investment I ever made.” Michelle Mesi, West Seneca, NY

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You just read from actual Theracycle riders how indispensable the bike is to their health and well-being. Indeed, the Theracycle is an important and proven component of a healthy lifestyle approach to managing symptoms and slowing the progression of Parkinson’s disease. While the Theracycle, and the benefits it offers, can play a vital role in mitigating the effects of PD, it is one of several existing advances to provide a better quality of life.

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