Theracycle Testimonials

Read for Yourself How the Theracycle Can Change Your Life

No one knows the transformative power of the Theracycle better than our users with PD and their healthcare providers. Read on to see for yourself!

Theracycle Users with Parkinson’s Disease

The Theracycle has made every day easier!

Prior to my Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, I was a surgeon and dedicated to a fitness regime to offset a strong family history of cardiac disease. My wife doesn’t remember who told her about the Theracycle, but we are so glad they did. Even before my balance deteriorated enough to prevent on-road cycling, I was feeling a benefit from using the Theracycle, especially a reduction of the overall stiffness in my muscles. Periodically I have to give up various other forms of exercise due to weakness and stiffness, that’s when I appreciate the Theracycle most. I always feel better when I am able to exercise, and most often I get it on my Theracycle. It’s the first thing I do every morning. The helpful staff at Theracycle even went out of their way to ensure that I could access one when I had a prolonged stay away from home. Whenever I need advice on minor adjustments I just call and get a friendly and timely answer. I couldn’t be happier that I purchased one and I wish health clubs would too so that I wouldn’t have to give it up when I travel.” Dr. Alan Fredland
Chicago, Illinois
I first discovered this bike about two years ago, and I acquired it last year. I was doing a lot of research on Parkinson’s, and one thing people can do to slow down the progress of the disease is exercising. I was blessed to discover this, and I would be glad to help anyone who has any questions about the impact of a Theracycle and what it has meant for my life.” Jim Schaefer
Lancaster, New York
I have a Theracycle at home and use it in the evenings. You can apply as much resistance as you want for a more intense workout (upper and lower body), or let the Theracycle exercise for you. In fact, my wife and kids enjoy using it to (the seat is adjustable). It is ideal for those PWP who are less mobile but who want to fight back against bradykinesia, and for those more active people with PD who want to augment their training and even for rehabilitation after injury (as my son Scott can testify after crashing on his road bicycle!). I am impressed 1) as a former mechanical engineer with the quality of the Theracycle, 2) as a Neurologist with the nervous system ‘sensorimotor’ pathways stimulation of passive and voluntary cycling offered by the Theracycle, and 3) as a person with PD, the empowerment the Theracycle offers in fighting back against the disease.

The Theracycle is able to provide steady high cadences that I (Dr. Heydrick) advocate for Parkinson’s training. Passive exercise via cycling or ‘forced exercise’ causes surprisingly similar sensorimotor cerebral activation as voluntary cycling, implying that motor (from the brain) and sensory pathways are being stimulated. The Theracycle offers an efficient machine which allows any combination of voluntary and forced exercise.” David Heydrick, M.D., M.S.
Ellicott City, Maryland
I’m a retired woman of 75 years and a Parkinson’s patient for the past six years although I know I’ve had it for the past twelve years. I simply didn’t go to the doctor until I had so many symptoms that I was diagnosed immediately. I also have a severe arthritic right knee that causes me pain. I use a cane to get around. I used to enjoy walking outdoors, but can no longer do so. My husband saw an ad for Theracycle and thought it sounded like something that might help me. I had tried stationary bikes but I’m short with very short legs and we just couldn’t find one that fit me.

I can honestly say that without the Theracycle I don’t believe I would be walking today. The bike keeps me moving and my daily ride is many times the best part of my day.  My knee stays limber when I ride daily. Surprising to me was that my mood and ability to think properly improves after I ride. It helps with depression and with that fuzzy-minded feeling I deal with if I don’t ride.

I would encourage anyone with Parkinson’s or arthritis to purchase a Theracycle. It will definitely keep you on your feet and moving. There are other machines out there that help you pedal, but they are cheap and fall apart. Theracycle is well-built, requires little maintenance, and is easy to use.

My husband was the one who dealt with the company in the ordering process, etc. I know everyone must have been very nice and easy to deal with as he is easily frustrated by incompetent sales people. He said the folks he dealt with knew their product.

I ride my Theracycle at 15 mph for at least a half hour every day. I just turn on some music and pedal away. If I get tired, I let the machine do all the work for a while. It’s exercise at its best!” Sandra McKee
Blairsville, GA
Several months ago I was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease. I was not able to use my treadmill due to the effects of Parkinson’s. Now with the Theracycle, I feel much stronger, find that I can walk and feel comfortable doing it, and the upper portion of my body has much more strength. I’m now firmly convinced that Theracycle is of great benefit to me and to anyone else who has Parkinson’s Disease.” Andy Bolduc
Framingham, MA
After many months of symptoms and tests, on July 30, 2009, I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. During this time my wife heard a Good Morning America special about Dr. Jay L. Alberts and his study on forced exercise with an exercise bike. This training was of great interest to me, so I began researching the equipment and found Theracycle, a unique exercise bicycle for those who have difficulty getting the exercise they need. Unlike conventional exercise bicycles, Theracycle has a whisper-quiet motor that moves the pedals with you, helping you get the gentle exercise you need. I took Dr. Alberts’ study to Falcon Physical Therapy and asked Marc to follow the same protocol for me as was done in the study. I have 45 minutes of therapy, and then ride the bike for 60 minutes. My Theracycle workout includes a 10-minute warm-up, 40 minutes at maximum speed, and a 10-minute cool down. After just four weeks I was re-tested. I had some improvements on the upper body and marked improvements on the lower extremities. Another great side benefit was a 20-point drop in my blood pressure! I also have more energy and feel better both physically and emotionally.” Phil Kroeker
Monument, Colorado
I purchased the Theracycle 200 to provide exercise therapy for Parkinson’s disease (PD). I am 71 years old and was diagnosed with PD two years ago.

I first became aware of the beneficial effects of forced exercise for relief of PD symptoms through a news program on TV. Then I searched the WEB and found your product.

I have used the Theracycle 200 nearly every day for three months and find that it does in fact provide significant improvement of my PD symptoms. Manifestation of PD in my case is with balance problems while walking resulting in a tendency to fall, and night leg cramps and reduced stamina. The balance problem compelled me to abandon my treadmill which was my primary source of exercise. The Theracycle 200 replaced the treadmill and seems to provide improvement of balance and coordination while walking. I have not fallen since I began exercising with the Theracycle 200. I find that I must exercise every day using the Theracycle 200 to realize the benefits. It is not a cure, but it clearly provides improvement of my symptoms.” Jerry Stern
Potomac Falls, VA

Healthcare, Wellness, and Fitness Professionals who Recommend the Theracycle

As a practicing neurologist with twenty-five years of evaluating patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and other neurological problems, I have taken an aggressive approach towards helping my patients receive the exercise they need. Patients who have used the Theracycle have shown increased range of motion and decreased spasticity, improved muscle tone, strength and balance control. Further, use of the Theracycle has increased the physical endurance and improved the psychological outlook of these patients. The Theracycle is motor driven, which enables users who cannot use their own energy to move their body. These patients have also shown improvement with digestion and other issues associated with immobility.” Thomas F. Morgan, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Brown University School of Medicine
Providence, Rhode Island
Patients who have used the Theracycle have shown increased range of motion and decreased spasticity, improved muscle tone, strength and balance control. Further, use of the Theracycle has increased the physical endurance and improved the psychological outlook of these patients.” Thomas F. Morgan, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Neuroscience
Brown University School of Medicine
We have been using the Theracycle 100 in this rehab facility since March of 2007 with numerous success stories. We have been able to incorporate its use into a variety of diagnosis from total knee replacements to Alzheimer’s dementia patients. The uses are limitless. Just a few of the treatment diagnosis that have benefited are TKR, hip fractures, COPD, MS, contractures, cancer, pneumonia, CVA/TIA, and s/p surgeries. We have found a strong use in this facility for patients who have difficulty normal self pedaling machines. Patients enjoy the ability to ‘bike’ on the Theracycle 100, whether benefiting from the passive or resistive element. The variety of options, positions, and attachments offered with the Theracycle 100 allows you to adapt its fit to most patients and not have to worry about constantly checking to see if they are still properly positioned. During this time frame, we have had many patients request specifically to ‘go on’ the Theracycle 100 during their treatment session, ask to come use it at times outside of their regular treatment schedule and even enquire about purchasing a unit for their own home use. We have had no mechanical issues with the Theracycle 100 during the months that we have used it and it is very easy to operate. The Theracycle 100 has been a welcome addition in the Rehab Department for the therapists in complimenting their treatment, but most importantly to the patients who have progressed with its use to reach their goals.” Tracey Roy, Rehab Manager, MSPT
Peoplefirst Rehabilitation
Kennebunk, Maine
Twelve patients at our facility were able to trial the Theracycle. Disabilities included incomplete paraplegia, hemiparesis, decreased range of motion and general muscular weakness. Each patient was able to ride the bicycle successfully with resultant increases in range of motion, increases in strength, improved motor control and improved functional mobility. Many of these patients had not had success with other forms of passive exercise because of insufficient strength. However, with the use of the motorized Theracycle, the patients were able to ride independently for 15-30 minutes. This bicycle offered an endurance activity to those patients who in the past have been unable to access endurance or cardiovascular equipment. Our facility was pleased with the performance of Theracycle. It was easy for patients to use independently, and made significant difference in strength, tone, and overall functional mobility.” Amy Bjornson
Licensed Physical Therapist
Boston Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts
The Theracycle “offered an endurance activity to those patients who in the past have been unable to access endurance or cardiovascular equipment. Our facility was pleased with the performance of the Theracycle. It was simple to use, easy for patients to use independently and made a significant difference in strength, tone and overall functional mobility.” Amy Bjornson
Licensed Physical Therapist
Boston Medical Center
Boston, Massachusetts
I highly recommend the motorized Theracycle to all orthopedic and neurological physical therapists. The motor of the Theracycle allows my patients to receive a forced exercise regimen which helps them to form new neurological pathways, improving gait and balance.” Marc Phillips PT, MPT, CSCS
Falcon Physical Therapy, Colorado Springs, CO
As an exercise physiologist who has been active in the field of sports medicine for over forty years, I strongly recommend the unique and safe characteristics of the Theracycle. The motor driven Theracycle provides for both passive and active exercise patterns under the complete control of the user. Thus, the Theracycle can help the user to attain increased muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and aerobic capacity.” Edward Meyers, Ph.D.
Exercise Physiologist
Coral Gables, FL
The Theracycle offers our residents a wonderful alternative to traditional stationary exercise equipment. The Theracycle motor assists residents in moving both upper and lower body through a full range of motion, employing passive and active assistance.” Evelyn O’Neil, BS, CTRS
Manager of Outpatient Fitness
Hebrew Senior Life, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston