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Theracycle at Physical Therapy and Health Centers

John Gondring gives the new Theracycle a ride at JQ’s Parkinson’s Training Center.

John knows about the importance and challenges of getting sufficient exercise when living with Parkinson’s disease. John explains, “Exercise improves your symptoms. Access to the new Theracycle at JQ’s Parkinson’s Training Center really allows me to exercise beyond the levels and at intensities I could not achieve before. This machine has done some tremendous things for people with Parkinson’s. … For me personally, I use it as part of my personal training routine and it really gets me going. Truth is I’d rather be out boating on the lake than exercise; but this is a means to keep as active as possible. I can never get too much exercise on it, and it’s easy.”

John isn’t alone, many people living with Parkinson’s disease have discovered the benefits of exercising, and the motorized Theracycle is designed specifically as a means of physical therapy through exercise and movement for those living with Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, stroke symptoms, or other mobility disorders—it is the perfect at-home physical therapy exercise bike.

The Theracycle is now available at JQ’s Parkinson’s Training Center.