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Aging Information & Geriatric Exercises for the Elderly

Using Theracycle’s Exercise Equipment for Elder Exercise

Exercise is a crucial part of maintaining good health, functional independence, and quality of life in older adults. Staying fit and healthy may even slow the signs of aging and reduce the chances of disability and disease. Theracycle’s motorized geriatric exercise equipment for the elderly provides a convenient way to get the aerobic and strengthening exercises that are most commonly recommended by doctors for seniors.

Here’s How

Challenge: Declining Motor Control

Theracycle Solution: Theracycle’s Smart Motor features a special motorized technology that assists you to get the elder exercise you need. This unique assistance makes geriatric exercising less intimidating and accessible on a more regular basis.

Challenge: Reduced Mobility

Theracycle Solution: Theracycle’s rugged construction is specially-designed for those with mobility issues such as the elderly. The extremely low floor height of the step through design makes getting on and off of the bike a breeze. Additionally, sturdy support handles and cushioned back support provide the stability you need to feel secure as you continue with your geriatric exercises.

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