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Exercise Equipment for Obese

Using Theracycle’s Exercise Equipment for Obesity

Theracycle is the best exercise equipment for morbidly obese people. Combining exercise with a healthy diet is the key to combating morbid obesity and the health risks that accompany it. Studies show that regular exercise for morbidly obese patients reduces body fat and increases muscle mass allowing their bodies to burn more calories and effectively lower their body mass index (BMI). Theracycle’s exercise equipment for obese people delivers the aerobic, endurance and strengthening exercises recommended by doctors.

Here’s How

Challenge: Lack of Endurance

Theracycle Solution: Unlike traditional exercise equipment for obese that depends solely on your own muscle power, Theracycle has a Smart Motor that assists the user in his/her morbid obesity exercises. This assistance allows you to continue your exercise for extended periods of time, burning more calories than you would have on traditional exercise equipment.

Challenge: Limited Range of Motion

Theracycle Solution: Unstable gym equipment can be difficult for morbidly obese users to maneuver and feel secure on. The rugged construction of our morbid obesity exercise equipment is specially designed for those with limited range of motion. The step through area has a very low floor height that makes it easy to get on and off the bike. Additionally, sturdy handles, custom foot pedals, and extra large cushioned back support and seat provide the stability you need to continue with regular exercise for obesity.

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Customer Testimonial
Here are some of the comments regarding use of the Theracycle:

I use the Theracycle every day for approximately 30 minutes and ride 3.5 miles.

I feel great and have recently returned to work way ahead of schedule. My early return was a result of my Theracycle use.

I am walking much better – to the point that people are commenting on my improved mobility.

The wounds (skin ulcers) on my legs have healed.

I used to take 8–10 pills per day for pain management. I now take 2.

I very rarely use my compression machine now – I used to use it for 3 hours daily.

I now have no fear related to walking. I used to be very fearful of falling/walking.”
Ann Looney
Tewksbury, MA

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