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Parkinson’s Physical Therapy

Parkinson’s Exercises with Theracycle

New research has shown that high-cadence cycling helps reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease like rigidity, bradykinesia and a lack of dexterity. As a part of Parkinson’s physical therapy treatment, Theracycle for Parkinson’s patients increases aerobic fitness and can actually alter central motor control processes. Theracycle is one of the only physical therapy fitness devices available that can provide this high-cadence cycling motion in a way that improves mobility and reduces tremors for Parkinson’s disease therapy patients.

Here’s How

Challenge: Lack of Motor Function and Coordination

Theracycle Solution: The Theracycle semi-recumbent therapy bicycle is ideal for Parkinson’s physical therapy and Parkinson’s exercises because of the special motor that supports you through your exercises. With Theracycle, you can continue your Parkinson’s disease therapy and receive all the physical exercise and neurological benefits of high-cadence bicycling without strain and frustration.

Challenge: Loss of Balance and Dexterity

Theracycle Solution: The unique step-through design on Theracycle’s exercise equipment is specially designed for easy mounting and dismounting so you can independently use the bike and feel secure doing so. Additional hand supports and a customized seat with superior back support all ensure that Parkinson’s disease physical therapy is completely safe with Theracycle.

Our Parkinson’s customers love their Theracycle. Theracycle is the in-home physical therapy solution for Parkinson’s physical therapy exercise.

Customer Testimonial

I have a Theracycle at home and use it in the evenings. You can apply as much resistance as you want for a more intense workout (upper and lower body), or let the Theracycle exercise for you. In fact, my wife and kids enjoy using it to (the seat is adjustable). It is ideal for those PWP who are less mobile but who want to fight back against bradykinesia, and for those more active people with PD who want to augment their training and even for rehabilitation after injury (as my son Scott can testify after crashing on his road bicycle!). I am impressed 1) as a former mechanical engineer with the quality of the Theracycle, 2) as a Neurologist with the nervous system ‘sensorimotor’ pathways stimulation of passive and voluntary cycling offered by the Theracycle, and 3) as a person with PD, the empowerment the Theracycle offers in fighting back against the disease.”

“The Theracycle is able to provide steady high cadences that I (Dr. Heydrick) advocate for Parkinson’s training. Passive exercise via cycling or ‘forced exercise’ causes surprisingly similar sensorimotor cerebral activation as voluntary cycling, implying that motor (from the brain) and sensory pathways are being stimulated. The Theracycle offers an efficient machine which allows any combination of voluntary and forced exercise.” David Heydrick, M.D., M.S.
Ellicott City, Maryland

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