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  1. Power Rotating Homecare Bed

Power Rotating Homecare Bed

Theracycle is excited to offer the Electrical Rotor Assist Bed.

Electrical Rotor-Assist Bed

$5,775Bed Warranty: 1-year on motor and electronics and lifetime on the frame

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This innovative power rotating bed is a game changer for homecare. In addition to the standard bed positions (lying down, sitting up & with raised legs), the power assisted rotating mattress minimizes the risk of injury during entry and exit transitions for both users and their care givers.

The mattress not only offers comfortable sleeping conditions, it also provides pressure ulcer (bed sore) prevention through its patented honeycomb gel inserts that are embedded in the mattress.

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Features & Benefits

Convenience and Comfort - Electrical Rotor Assist Bed

Convenience and Comfort

The Electrical Rotor Assist Bed can be transformed into different position settings (lying in bed, sitting up, and bed exit positions) to respond to the needs of user and caregiver.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention - Electrical Rotor Assist Bed

Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Honeycomb gel mattress provides maximum protection in the three parts of the bodies most vulnerable to pressure ulcers and skin breakdown; the shoulders, sacral area and heals.

Safety - Electrical Rotor Assist Bed


With a single click of a button, the bed can transform into the bed exit position, freeing family members and caregivers from physically demanding labor and reducing their risk of injury.

Additional Product Benefits

  • Multi-position capability includes sitting up, lying down and foot elevation.
  • Lower assisted rotating mattress brings users to a safe position for easy entry/exit.
  • Lockable hand control unit.
  • Dual handrails support users, ease transitions, and prevent sliding and falling off the bed. They are fully adjustable and fold out of way when not needed.
  • Removeable head and footboard come in various materials and colors to eliminate the clinical feel.
  • Breathable Nylex cover and water-resistant underlayer protect the foam and promote air flow under your body.
  • Mattress design redistributes pressure from your heel across your entire leg in lay-flat position.

Product Specifications
Dimensions: 82" L x 39" W x 33" H
Height to mattress platform: 17"
Height to top of mattress: 23"
Weight capacity: 350 lbs