Benefits of Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Equipment

How Can MS Exercise Equipment Improve Your MS Exercise Routine?

Theracycle 200Attempting to find the strength to continue with an exercise routine while battling the symptoms of MS is a tall order. Pain, swelling, and spasms can present a challenge to living well with MS. Multiple Sclerosis exercise equipment from Theracycle can help patients maintain the drive to stay fit and active. Our motorized technology actually assists MS patients through their exercise regimen so they can enjoy an at-home workout with confidence. Theracycle’s rugged construction and motor combine a safe and effective complement to any multiple sclerosis exercise program, and will keep MS patients moving towards their health goals.

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Users of Theracycle’s Exercise Equipment for Multiple Sclerosis Find They Benefit From:

  • Reduced fatigue
  • Reduced leg stiffness and spasms
  • Improved balance and gait
  • Improved mobility and flexibility
  • Improved motor control

The Theracycle is the best exercise equipment for MS patients that helps alleviate and reduce symptoms of MS. Doctors, physical therapists, and researchers continue to discover the benefits of multiple sclerosis exercise for MS patients.

Customer Testimonial

My wife Sarina has had MS for 25 years. She tried regular physical therapy exercise equipment, but she had no strength. She always feels better after she rides her Theracycle. She finds it very easy and very comfortable. What would I tell people? Do you have the will to go on? Or give up? Sarina is the type who is very willful. By all means, get this machine.” Joe Cardillo
North Stonington, CT

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