Theracycle CEO Peter Blumenthal’s Insights in Chief Executive Magazine

Theracycle CEO On Finding A Niche Market With Parkinson’s Patients · Gabriel Perna | · Sometimes people will tell you they got into their line of work “by accident,” but in Peter Blumenthal’s case, he really did end up as the CEO of Theracycle by accident. Blumenthal had recently sold his New England-based chain of frame stores, the…

American Parkinsons Optimism

Insights from the Midwest Young-Onset Parkinson Conference

While Parkinson’s disease most commonly hits patients later in life, it also impacts younger people. For that group of people and their families, Team Theracycle would like you to know about an Ohio event upcoming in mid-November 2012: The Midwest Young Onset Parkinson Conference. Our friend, Julie Sacks, Director, of the APDA National Young Onset Center in Winfield,…