Theracycle & Virginian Outpatient Therapy: Advancing Parkinson’s Research Together

Following a scientifically proven exercise regimen, Parkinson’s patient sees remarkable symptom improvement FRANKLIN, Mass. – January 15, 2019 – Theracycle, a provider of motorized exercise bicycles designed to ease symptoms for people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), has worked with outpatient physical therapy provider, Virginian Outpatient Therapy, to replicate a proven “forced exercise” regimen for PD…


Vigorous Exercise: A Possible Method to Slow Parkinson’s Progression

Parkinson’s disease progression can be slowed with vigorous exercise, study shows. Several lines of evidence point to a beneficial effect of exercise in Parkinson’s disease.”Dr. Codrin Lunguprogram director at the National Institute ofNeurological Disorders and Stroke A team of researchers from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Colorado School of Medicine performed a study to determine…


Taking on Parkinson’s: Proactive Living and Symptom Management

Norris uses medicine, exercises and involvement to help him battle the disease that has brought with it visual and auditory hallucinations as well as tremors. · Patty Miller | The Edmond Sun, published on 8/28/18 · A well-known illness can manifest itself unexpectedly through hallucinations, both visual and auditory. The non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis (PDP), a surprising…