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How Theracycle Facilitates Easier Management of Parkinson’s Disease


Dr. Alan Fredland of Chicago – Theracyclist since 2015

Dr. Alan FredlandWe had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Fredland at our office today when he and a friend stopped in to meet our team and see how the Theracycle is made. As with many customers who become friends in the process of buying and using the Theracycle, it felt more like a reunion than an initial meeting!

We asked him what the Theracycle has done for him and he immediately answered with such a simple but powerful phrase – “The Theracycle has made every day easier!”

Prior to my Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, I was a surgeon and dedicated to a fitness regime to offset a strong family history of cardiac disease. My wife doesn’t remember who told her about the Theracycle, but we are so glad they did. Even before my balance deteriorated enough to prevent on-road cycling, I was feeling a benefit from using the Theracycle, especially a reduction of the overall stiffness in my muscles. Periodically I have to give up various other forms of exercise due to weakness and stiffness, that’s when I appreciate the Theracycle most. I always feel better when I am able to exercise, and most often I get it on my Theracycle. It’s the first thing I do every morning. The helpful staff at Theracycle even went out of their way to ensure that I could access one when I had a prolonged stay away from home. Whenever I need advice on minor adjustments I just call and get a friendly and timely answer. I couldn’t be happier that I purchased one and I wish health clubs would too so that I wouldn’t have to give it up when I travel.” —Dr. Alan Fredland