Theracycle CEO, Peter Blumenthal Featured in Chief Executive Magazine

Theracycle CEO On Finding A Niche Market With Parkinson’s Patients

· Gabriel Perna | ·

Theracycle CEO Peter BlumenthalSometimes people will tell you they got into their line of work “by accident,” but in Peter Blumenthal’s case, he really did end up as the CEO of Theracycle by accident.

Blumenthal had recently sold his New England-based chain of frame stores, the Frame King, and decided to train for an iron man triathlon. While training, he got hit by a car and broke his neck. “The chance of me surviving was about 5 percent,” recalled Blumenthal. Not only did he survive, but he got use of his hands and legs again and eventually was able to re-train for triathlons.

During recovery, he used a product called Theracycle religiously for six months, an in-home motorized physical therapy bike. Blumenthal credits the bike for getting him back to where he was before the accident. Thus, he pulled a Victor Kiam, who famously bought Remington’s because he liked using the razors. He bought Theracycle because he had loved using it during recovery. … Read more »

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