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The Value of Mobility: Investing in Parkinson’s Disease Management


After dealing with some growing tremors in my right hand over a period of time, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about five years ago (I’m 75). I have been very active all my life and have run multiple marathons, but Parkinson’s was making my running difficult. I was unwilling to accept all the negativity surrounding my diagnosis so in researching the issue, I came across a paper done by the Cleveland Clinic that showed bike riding had positive effects on Parkinson’s symptoms. That led me to the Theracycle.

I ordered a Theracycle in June of 2014 and have been using it daily since. Because it is self-powered, you will cycle at the selected rate regardless of your effort which means you can cycle at a more rapid pace over an extended time than you might otherwise do on your own. And that is the key–the Cleveland Clinic study pointed out that a good pace provided the best results for Parkinson’s. The initial finding was done with a patient on a tandem bike and the Theracycle replicates that. Moreover, the positive effects remained for up to two weeks, so being away for a while is not a problem.

Since my diagnosis, I have been a patient at the Movement Disorder Clinic at the University of Utah. They have been amazed that I have remained stable over the last five years. It is said that Parkinson’s is progressive, but so far not in my case. And I have been able to reduce my medication which was already at a low level. I am certain that the Theracycle has played a role in that. I still run, but at a reduced level so the Theracyle fills in the gap for me. Plus, I can use it regardless of the weather. And I ski, hike, play piano, etc.

The Theracycle is very well made and whisper quiet. I had a problem with the motor recently and the people at Theracycle resolved the problem promptly and satisfactorily. Quality construction and excellent customer service—factors not often found in the exercise equipment business. Expensive? What would you pay to keep your Parkinson’s in check? What would you pay for more mobility and energy?

Jack Corneveaux Utah