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Best Assistive Exercise Equipment Manufacturer from Global Health & Pharma Magazine
Theracycle was recently recognized as the Best Assistive Exercise Equipment Manufacturer from Global Health & Pharma Magazine. We’re proud of our customers, who find the courage to try our forced-exercise bikes, and who are our greatest advocates.

Exercycle and Theracycle Over the Years

Celebrating 85 Years of Trusted ManufacturingIn 1932, a New York City mechanical engineer designed a motor-driven stationary bicycle for his wife who had a neuromuscular disorder. His hopes were that by helping her maintain constant, full-body motion, it would help alleviate her muscular ailments. His invention worked so well that it soon attracted the attention of others who wanted to keep fit but lacked strength or endurance. This machine, later named Exercycle, became the exercise method of choice for more than one hundred thousand people.

Over the years, fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life have discovered the Exercycle—from Presidents FDR and Eisenhower, to screen stars John Wayne and Jane Fonda. Everyone benefited from the Exercycle’s combined movements of swimming, rowing, cycling, chin-ups, and calisthenics in one efficient and fluid workout.

Now, we have incorporated years of technical know-how and experience based on the original Exercycle to develop another revolutionary exercise bicycle—one designed specifically for the unique needs of people with Parkinson’s who lack the strength and endurance to use traditional exercise equipment. The Theracycle helps with Forced Exercise—working harder and longer than one can do on their own.

The Theracycle provides exercise options for people who cannot use traditional exercise equipment.” —Peter Blumenthal

We invite you to read on and learn more about Theracycle’s many features. We are proud to offer a product that can assist people in their search for ways to improve the quality of their lives

The Birth of the Motorized Theracycle Therapy Bike

In the mid-1990’s, David St. Germain, the president of the Exercycle Company, conducted focus groups with users of the original Exercycle. During these discussions, it became clear to him that a motorized exercise machine was the perfect answer for the millions of people who have movement disorders yet have no good options for getting the exercise they want and need. Collaborating with both patients and medical professionals, David used the original Exercycle as the springboard for a new product, the Theracycle, that was specifically designed for the unique needs of users with movement disorders.

As David was looking to introduce the Theracycle, he met Peter Blumenthal, an entrepreneur, with a life-long interest in exercise. Peter’s own harrowing personal story gave him a unique perspective on the very market David was looking to develop. In August 1999, Peter incurred a broken neck in a bicycling accident while training for an Ironman triathlon. After a long rehabilitation period he was able to make a complete recovery. However, the experience of Peter’s own spinal cord injury rehabilitation left him with a heightened sense of awareness regarding the lack of exercise options for people who cannot use traditional exercise equipment. Peter subsequently purchased the Exercycle Company—determined to reposition the 70-year-old brand to answer the unmet needs of people struggling with movement disorders who lacked the strength and endurance to use traditional exercise equipment.

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