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Top 10 Movement Disorder Blogs to Follow for Insight and Support

One of the principal purposes of The Theracycle Blog is to identify helpful online resources for people with movement disorders. In that vein, here’s a post from guest blogger Alvina Lopez with her take of the “Top 10 Blogs on Movement Disorders.” As Alvina herself admits- this is an ‘admittedly incomplete’ list, we’d love to hear from YOU about other blogs that you’ve found and would like to share with the community.

Read on for Alvina’s listing of “Best Blogs on Movement Disorders”

“Top 10” Blogs: Best Blogs on Movement Disorders

By Alvina Lopez
Guest Blogger (for The Theracycle Blog)

For anyone who lives with a movement disorder, it may feel sometimes as though you are completely alone. Thanks to the hyper-connective reach of the Internet, those who live with movement disorders no longer have to feel isolated. Now, we can be empowered and informed as we become intimately acquainted with both the latest research and the individual voices of others with movement disorders (who share their experiences through blogs). Here an admittedly incomplete listing of some of the best blogs on movement disorders up on the Web today:


More than a blog, the WE MOVE website accurately matches its self-description as “the Internet’s most comprehensive resource for movement disorder information and the hub of movement disorder activities.” The site is operated by WE MOVE, a NY-based non-profit dedicated to educating and informing patients, professionals and the public about the latest clinical advances, management and treatment options for neurological movement disorders. This is the site that should be at the top of your MD bookmarks….

2. Moving Forward

This wonderful resource from neurologists at The Medical College of Wisconsin will interest those who want to learn about the science behind movement disorders. The blog also gives regular updates about the MCW’s efforts to raise awareness about movement disorders.

3. Being Bertrand: Overcoming a Movement Disorder

This personal blog details the lives of one young boy and his parents as they struggle with their son’s various disorders, including the movement disorder peripheral neuropathy. For parents with children of movement disorders, this is an especially insightful resource.

4. Cleveland Medical Device Inc. Blog

CleveMed’s blog covers an array of topics, including sleep disorders, but maintains particular focus on movement disorders. You can easily filter this blog to look through the articles that deal solely with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders.

5. Restless Leg Syndrome Foundation Blog

The RLS Foundation has a wonderful blog that serves as an excellent reading companion for anyone who is afflicted with Restless Leg Syndrome, a common movement disorder that has drawn skepticism from those who do not suffer from it.

6. Southern California Movement Disorder Specialists’ Neurology Blog

This SCMDS Neurology News Blog is an informative news source for both doctors and patients alike. It provides both practical tips in terms of living with movement disorders as well as the latest updates on movement disorder research.

7. Dystonia Support

This blog, maintained by an individual who suffers from Dystonia, offers all sorts of advice on living with this particular movement disorder. The blog covers some common and not-so-common therapeutic approaches to managing Dystonia.

8. The TS Plus Blog

Although Tourette’s Syndrome is not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of movement disorders, TS is a common type, which wreaks as much psychological havoc as it causes physical pain, since it involves the uncontrollability of movement as well as speech. The TS Plus Blog is a great resource for parents whose children suffer from TS as well as often co-morbid conditions like ADHD.

10. The Neuro Texas Institute’s Brain Blog

The NTI Brain Blog offers invaluable information about various neurological disorders, including many articles about movement disorders in particular. Recently, the Brain Blog featured an insightful article about Chorea, the so-called “dancing illness,” a ‘rare’ movement disorder.

10. VCU Parkinson’s and Movement Disorder Center’s Blog

The Virginia Commonwealth University houses an entire center dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. This VCU blog focuses on their research, symposiums, webinars, and support groups.

Note: When suffering from a chronic illness like any movement disorders, it’s imperative to learn as much as you can. While becoming informed about treatment options from your doctor is important, learning to live with the disorder by understanding how others cope — can be therapeutic in and of itself. Following these and other blogs is a helpful way to keep informed and in touch with others like you.

The Author:

Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges and other topics. Alvina welcomes your comments, reach her by email: alvina.lopez@gmail.com