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The Promise of “Forced Exercise”

Headshot of Jay Alberts, a professional associated with Parkinson's research or healthcare, conveying expertise and trust.
Jay L. Alberts, Ph.D. Edward F. and Barbara A. Bell Family Endowed Chair Department of Biomedical Engineering The Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, Ohio USA)

While “Forced Exercise” sounds like something you’d have to endure as a member of a prison chain gang… it’s actually a very promising therapy introduced and validated by Jay Alberts, PhD—esteemed researcher at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Alberts’ research and clinical trials have shown that cycling “done right” can significantly improve the conditions of people with Parkinson’s disease.

For more detail including video of a feature TV segment from NBC News on “Pedaling away Parkinson’s Symptoms” see our feature coverage of Cycling and Parkinson’s Disease.