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Parkinson’s Patients and Caregivers Organizational Tips

Whether you’re a caregiver, family member, or patient — the process of keeping organized in the midst of any kind of medical ordeal is challenging to say the least. Whether someone’s just been diagnosed with an illness, is in the midst of treatment, or has an ongoing ‘adventure’ living with a chronic condition– it’s difficult, but essential to “keep it together” to effective in our own care, keep track over time, and feel in control.

While our blog rarely recommends products for purchase, here’s a helpful “tool” I can recommend personally…

After their son was diagnosed with a pediatric brain tumor, Roberta and Jon Carson found themselves thrust into a confusing new world in which they struggled to keep track of doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, second opinions, “who said what when?,” even how to respond and benefit to well-wishers who wanted to help. Drawing on their own experience, Roberta and Jon were motivated to help others through their own medical ordeals, including writing “20 things you need to know to get more from your medical care.”

Inspired by the example of what their family went through, the Carsons researched, designed, and now offer what they call The ZaggoCare System, which includes:

A) ZaggoCare Guide
80 pages of practical information – easy to read and understand. Includes key questions to ask; how to keep a life-changing medical journal; learn how to follow even the most complicated medication routines, and much more.

B) ZaggoCare Tote Bag
A burable canvas bag to make it easier for you to be ready with everything you need for each appointment, even on short notice. Plenty of pockets to store things you need when you go to the doctor or the hospital: your cellphone, a book, water bottle, medical record file.

C) Organizational Tools including:

  • An accordion file to hold all of your important documents
  • A notebook for keeping a medical journal
  • Medications chart
  • A business card case
  • An accessories pouch to hold all your small personal items, such as pens, tissues, lotion, medications, sanitizer gel, etc.
Compact ZaggoCare Kit displayed, featuring essential healthcare resources and tools for patient care management, including guides and organizational aids, in a neat, portable package.

As my own family has personally gone through more “medical ordeals” than we’d like to remember, and know the Carsons personally– my wife and I have volunteered our time and effort to help spread the word about ZaggoCare and how it has helped others.


Beyond the value it provides, the ZaggoCare System costs only $50, and all profits from sales go to cancer research.

If someone you know just got word of a scary diagnosis, why give flowers?
Give them a ZaggoCare System instead.

For more information on ZaggoCare or to buy the System go online to www.zaggocare.org/