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Lianna Marie: The Super Caregiver in the Parkinson’s Community

Linna Marie smiling alongside her mother, depicting a warm, family-oriented moment.
Lianna Marie & Her Mom (Val)


In recognition of National Family Caregivers Month, Theracycle would like to single out someone who stands out as an extraordinary caregiver:


Lianna Marie of Bellingham, WA, whose mother Val was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease back in 1991. Since then, beyond providing extraordinary care for her mother, Lianna has become an extraordinary force of nature, driven to help families through their Parkinson’s journeys.


Among Lianna’s contributions:


  • Author and publisher of a valuable eBook:
    “Everything You Really Need to Know About Parkinson’s Disease”
    For $27 this book and the related bonus content that comes with a purchase, Lianna answers a huge number of common questions about life with PD, as well as tips, advice, stories, and words of encouragement and inspiration
  • Host and Moderator of the Parkinsons Disease Forum
    A vibrant online community, where people with Parkinson’s and those who care about them can connect online get help, advice, friendship and support.


  • Blogger and Editor of the AllAboutParkinsons.com Blog
    Beyond providing a platform for the Parkinsons Disease Forum, Lianna’s AllAboutParkinson.com blog serves up a steady stream of news and information, resource links and articles about PD. This is definitely one to add to your blog list, and we’ll be adding it soon to the Theracycle bloglist of best Parkinson’s blogs!


Theracycle honors Lianna’s labors of love and her extraordinary example of a model caregiver. In recognition of Lianna’s past and ongoing efforts and in celebration National Family Caregivers Month, here’s her article “7 Helpful Tips To Help You Care For The Person You Know Or Love.”


Keep it up Lianna!