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The Critical Role of Exercise in Parkinson’s Patient Health

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In a recent NetDoctor article titled “Exercise can be particularly beneficial to Parkinson’s patients” Dr. Michelle Gardner, research development manager at Parkinson’s UK, claimed that, although exercise is beneficial for everyone, it can offer extra advantages for those suffering from Parkinson’s.

Referencing research conducted by the UCSF School of Nursing and Red Hill Studios, Dr. Gardner said “Many people with Parkinson’s struggle with gait and balance, and playing specially adapted computer games like those mentioned in the study holds real promise for assisting people with Parkinson’s to improve their coordination, regain confidence and become more physically active in day to day life.”

In recently winning its coveted NIH Grant for a Theracycle-driven regimen for Parkinson’s patients, the Theracycle team is building on the success of earlier research.

In 2010, the Red Hill Studios/UCSF Partnership received an NIH grant for $1.1 Million for computer-based physical therapy games for patients with PD. and cerebral palsy.

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