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Parkinson’s Tremors: Cycling to Alleviate


If you or someone you love has Parkinson’s disease, I hope you’ve read our
eBook A New Therapy Brings Hope & Results to People with Parkinson’s Disease.

As a follow-on to that hopeful eBook, in February, we posted the first (of several to follow) personal accounts of people living with Parkinson’s Disease — the story of Dave Davenport.

Dave’s story and those of five others who’ve been riding a Theracycle and seeking substantial reductions in their PD symptoms are included in our newest eBook titled “First-person accounts of people now living better with Parkinson’s disease.”

If you’re interested in getting a copy of our “Living better with Parkinson’s disease” eBook, send me an email and I’ll be happy to send you one: info@theracyclecycle.com

From that eBook, here’s a first-person account from Deb Snow of Wisconsin, who was diagnosed with PD 5 years ago, but who tells us riding her Theracycle has helped her to “do everything I used to do.”

Read on for Deb’s story…

Deborah Snow
“After the second week using the Theracycle, I had no balance or tremor issues.”

About Deb
Age: 60
Home: Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin
Occupation: Former Regional Manager for Food Broker
PD Onset: 7 years ago   Diagnosis: 5 years ago
Hobbies: Exercise, Gardening, WWII Researcher

My Situation
About seven years ago, I noticed a small tremor in my pinky that became progressively worse. Over time it became a tremor in my entire right hand. These tremors were followed by additional symptoms, including sleeplessness and balance difficulties. After numerous tests and several doctors, I was given the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

That was five years ago. It was one of those moments when you don’t know what to say or do, and I wondered what would happen to me. I was put on medication but noticed my symptoms worsened and moved to my right leg. I couldn’t walk a straight line, wear heels, nor maintain my balance. The weakness in the muscles on my right side continued to worsen.

I used to speed walk before work; I taught water aerobics; I weight trained and ran. Even with medication, it was becoming more and more difficult to stay with my routine. I was forced to drop different forms of exercise, one at a time, until I could no longer exercise at all.

The Solution
I went on the Internet to do research on Parkinson’s disease, which led me to the Cleveland Clinic study on how a treatment regimen called “Forced Exercise” showed improvement in Parkinson’s symptoms. This study led me to discover the Theracycle. From everything I read I knew this was the way to go. I showed the information to my husband, who was very supportive, and he said, “let’s get it for you.”

My Results
During the first week using the Theracycle, I noticed a small reduction in my arm tremors. After the second week I really began to notice the difference. I had no balance or tremor issues whatsoever. I was also a lot stronger.

When I went back to see my neurologist I wore my favorite 2-inch heels—and I walked in a perfectly straight line—even with my eyes shut. My doctor was shocked to see me walking so well in heels.

Now I run up the stairs two at a time like I used to. I’m back to cleaning my own house and working in the garden. I’m back to a normal life now because I can do everything I used to do.

People tell me that I don’t even look like I have Parkinson’s, and I say …
I know!