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What to Expect

Thank you for choosing Theracycle!

This information is to provide you answers to questions you may have regarding your order and delivery 

Theracycles - 100, 200, 300



You’ve ordered your Theracycle and you may be wondering “What’s next?”

Once your Theracycle is ready for shipment we solidify payment, send you your invoice, marked as “Paid”, and advise you of shipment via email.

UPS Delivery

If you ordered your Theracycle and intend to complete the assembly yourself then your Theracycle will be arriving via UPS Freight. UPS will call you to schedule delivery when the Theracycle arrives at the UPS terminal closest to you. You can track your shipment at www.ltl.upsfreight.com or call them at 1-800-333-7400 with the tracking number provided in your “Payment and Shipping” email. Please don’t accept your Theracycle if the packaging is damaged in a way that may indicate the unit is damaged.

Assembly instructions are in your manual. All necessary tools are included in the box. You may need these tools to make adjustments, so it’s important that you store them so you can access them again.
Please hold on to your Theracycle shipping carton for the duration of the trial period, see Theracycle Order Policies below for more information.

Inside Delivery and Assembly

If you ordered your Theracycle and paid for inside delivery and assembly then expect Go Configure, who partners with ArcBest Freight, to contact you to schedule your delivery. Go Configure is a network of assemblers across the U.S. that have experience assembling exercise equipment. They are not our employees but have received thorough instructions on how to assemble the Theracycle. They have not been instructed on how to use our equipment. They will bring your Theracycle into your home, place it in the room of your choice, and make sure it’s in proper working order before they leave.

You should hear from Go Configure 5–7 business days after shipping notification for scheduling your delivery, please answer calls from unknown numbers and check your voicemail to make sure they haven’t left a message. You may want to call Go Configure directly at 1-888-888-5424. They will be able to look up your delivery by your phone number. We are here to help, please let us know ASAP if you are having difficulty scheduling delivery.
Go Configure has been instructed to leave the box, funnel, and the tools so you can make adjustments to your Theracycle. Please see order policies for more information.

Theracycle Order Policies

Cancellation of Your Theracycle

In the case you decide to cancel your Theracycle order, please do so before it ships out and payment is solidified. Once your Theracycle leaves the factory location all shipping charges will be assessed. Credit will be provided via check.

Returning Your Theracycle

There is a 30-day trial period on all Theracycle purchases. If you choose to return then you may return your Theracycle for a full refund, minus any assembly and disassembly charges we have incurred for inside delivery. Before you return your Theracycle we may inquire as to the reason for improvement purposes. If you need help getting started or with fitting, please don’t hesitate to call us. We want you to have a positive Theracycle experience.

Your Theracycle shipping carton is needed for your Theracycle return. If we need to send you a new carton so that you can return your Theracycle then those shipping charges and carton cost will be subtracted from your final refund.