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Why Theracycle

Smart Motor

Work Out Smarter with the Motorized Theracycle Home Exercise Equipment

Exercycle motorized exercise bike with Smart Motor for rehabilitation therapyLess strain and more gain are what make Theracycle’s revolutionary Smart Motor so unique. The specially-engineered motor and electronics equipment are designed to assist you with your leg movements eliminating strain on muscles and joints while providing the support you need to feel strong through your exercise regimen. The motor will detect when you need a little extra assist through your ride.

What Makes Our Smart Motor So Smart

  • The display panel alerts you when the motor will initially start your exercise regimen and starts a visual countdown
  • Choose a speed and the motor gradually ramps up to your desired setting
  • A Hall effect sensor automatically detects when you are overpowering the motor and lets you supply all the power to turn the pedals. Sensors instantly identify if you are pedaling at a rate slower than originally chosen and the motor gradually speeds up to assist you to pedal at the speed you selected
  • For safety, the motor will detect if there is a problem and shut off within a quarter of a pedal turn

Theracycle Offers Two Models Specifically Designed for Home Use:

Theracycle 100Theracycle 100 Exercise Equipment for the Disabled Increase lower body strength, flexibility, and range of motion from a chair or wheelchair. Learn More

Theracycle 200Theracycle 200 Stationary Exercise Equipment Experience a rigorous full-body workout that strengthens, not strains your muscles and joints. Learn More

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