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Theracycle Testimonials from Stroke Patients

Learn How Stroke Exercise Equipment Can Change Lives

Only users can articulate how Theracycle has transformed their lives, and only stroke patients can relate to others how exercise with Theracycle has radically improved their daily lives. Read the following testimonials about how Theracycle’s exercise bike is used in conjunction with traditional stroke physical therapy and rehabilitation. Created for those with mobility disorders and used by stroke victims, Theracycle home exercise equipment can change your life too.


Stroke – Motorized Exercise Bike

“I had a stroke 9 years ago. It caused paralysis in my left side, which also resulted in my being completely sedentary. I belong to a health club but none of the equipment was usable with my mobility issues. The Theracycle has absolutely changed my life. The way it is designed with the area between the handlebars and the seat makes it is effortless to get on or off. Since the effort of the motorized pedals is adjustable, I can set the effort level to be as hard or soft as I feel up to as well as the amount of time I choose to have a bicycling session. I easily got into the schedule of doing 30 minutes a day beginning right after breakfast. The aerobic effort has made me feel so much better. And the added benefit of the serotonin rush produced has relieved the depression with which i have suffered since the stroke. An added benefit has been my ability to lose weight. It is practically impossible to get the benefits of a weight loss regimen without doing regular exercise. The Theracycle has made that possible with astounding results. I lost 20 pounds the first 6 months I owned the machine. I am grateful that it was invented by someone who definitely understands the limitations of a disabled person like me.”

Susan Slavet
Wellesley, MA

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