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Additional Information on Parkinson's Disease

Theracyle Testimonials from Parkinson’s Patients

Learn How Parkinson’s Exercise Equipment Can Change Lives

Only users can articulate how Theracycle has transformed their lives, and only Parkinson’s disease patients can relate to others how exercise with Theracycle has radically improved their daily lives. Read the following testimonials about how Theracycle’s exercise bike is used in conjunction with traditional Parkinson’s disease treatments. Created for those with mobility disorders such as Parkinson’s, Theracycle home exercise equipment can change your life too.


Parkinson's Disease – Motorized Exercise Bike

“I have a Theracycle at home and use it in the evenings. You can apply as much resistance as you want for a more intense workout (upper and lower body), or let the Theracycle exercise for you. In fact, my wife and kids enjoy using it to (the seat is adjustable). It is ideal for those PWP who are less mobile but who want to fight back against bradykinesia, and for those more active people with PD who want to augment their training and even for rehabilitation after injury (as my son Scott can testify after crashing on his road bicycle!). I am impressed 1) as a former mechanical engineer with the quality of the Theracycle, 2) as a Neurologist with the nervous system ‘sensorimotor’ pathways stimulation of passive and voluntary cycling offered by the Theracycle, and 3) as a person with PD, the empowerment the Theracycle offers in fighting back against the disease.”

“The Theracycle is able to provide steady high cadences that I (Dr. Heydrick) advocate for Parkinson's training. Passive exercise via cycling or ‘forced exercise’ causes surprisingly similar sensorimotor cerebral activation as voluntary cycling, implying that motor (from the brain) and sensory pathways are being stimulated. The Theracycle offers an efficient machine which allows any combination of voluntary and forced exercise.”

David Heydrick, M.D., M.S.
Ellicott City, Maryland

“Several months ago I was diagnosed as having Parkinson's Disease. I was not able to use my treadmill due to the effects of Parkinson's. Now with the Theracycle, I feel much stronger, find that I can walk and feel comfortable doing it, and the upper portion of my body has much more strength. I'm now firmly convinced that Theracycle is of great benefit to me and to anyone else who has Parkinson's Disease.”

Andy Bolduc
Framingham, MA

“After many months of symptoms and tests, on July 30, 2009, I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. During this time my wife heard a Good Morning America special about Dr. Jay L. Alberts and his study on forced exercise with an exercise bike. This training was of great interest to me, so I began researching the equipment and found Theracycle, a unique exercise bicycle for those who have difficulty getting the exercise they need. Unlike conventional exercise bicycles, Theracycle has a whisper-quiet motor that moves the pedals with you, helping you get the gentle exercise you need. I took Dr. Alberts’ study to Falcon Physical Therapy and asked Marc to follow the same protocol for me as was done in the study. I have 45 minutes of therapy, and then ride the bike for 60 minutes. My Theracycle workout includes a 10-minute warm-up, 40 minutes at maximum speed, and a 10-minute cool down. After just four weeks I was re-tested. I had some improvements on the upper body and marked improvements on the lower extremities. Another great side benefit was a 20-point drop in my blood pressure! I also have more energy and feel better both physically and emotionally.”

Phil Kroeker
Monument, Colorado

“I purchased the Theracycle 200 to provide exercise therapy for Parkinson’s disease (PD). I am 71 years old and was diagnosed with PD two years ago. I first became aware of the beneficial effects of forced exercise for relief of PD symptoms through a news program on TV. Then I searched the WEB and found your product. I have used the Theracycle 200 nearly every day for three months and find that it does in fact provide significant improvement of my PD symptoms. Manifestation of PD in my case is with balance problems while walking resulting in a tendency to fall, and night leg cramps and reduced stamina. The balance problem compelled me to abandon my treadmill, which was my primary source of exercise. The Theracycle 200 replaced the treadmill and seems to provide improvement of balance and coordination while walking. I have not fallen since I began exercising with the Theracycle 200. I find that I must exercise every day using the Theracycle 200 to realize the benefits. It is not a cure, but it clearly provides improvement of my symptoms. ”

Jerry Stern
Potamac Falls, VA

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