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Additional Information on MS

Testimonials from MS Patients

Learn How MS Exercise Equipment Can Change Lives

Only users with multiple sclerosis can articulate how Theracycle has improved their lives. They can relate to others with MS as to how exercise with Theracycle has improved their symtoms. Read the following testimonials about how Theracycle’s exercise bike is used in conjunction with traditional multiple sclerosis treatments. Created for those with movement disorders such as MS, Theracycle home exercise equipment can improve your life too.

Multiple Sclerosis – Motorized Exercise Bike

“My MS is really bad but I use my Theracycle five times a week for 45 minutes each time. When I use it, it keeps my legs from hurting and I never have spasms. I have to get on that bike. I can’t say enough about it. Believe me, there is no doubt in my mind that if I didn’t use that bike I would not be walking. It is the best investment I ever made. I love my Theracycle.”

Michelle Mesi
West Seneca, New York

“My wife Sarina has had MS for 25 years. She tried regular physical therapy exercise equipment, but she had no strength. She always feels better after she rides her Theracycle. She finds it very easy and very comfortable. What would I tell people? Do you have the will to go on? Or give up? Sarina is the type who is very willful. By all means, get this machine.”

Joe Cardillo
North Stonington, CT

“I've had MS for 20 years. I was a runner. Exercise was an important part of my life. Through regular use, I can now operate the Theracycle at its maximum speed and get a great all body workout. This is a very easy piece of equipment to use. It's not going to sit around like other home exercise equipment I tried and collect a lot of dust.”

Nina Lyvers
Harvard, MA

“I've had MS since 1983. In the time I've had the Theracycle, it's doing all that I hoped it would. You can't find anything that will do the same things. It definitely keeps me limber.”

James Hineman
Nobelsville, IN

“My wife Ann has had MS for 27 years. She's a fighter. She looks forward to exercise. She can step through the frame of the Theracycle safely and she feels stable on it. She likes the sense of well being and the ability to exercise at home. The Theracycle has really renewed her hope of being physically fit.”

Ralph and Ann Russell
Lago Vista, TX

“Everyone knows the physical and psychological benefits of exercise, but having MS it's difficult to achieve them. I can now! The miraculous part of having a Theracycle is you can achieve this exercise in your home. Thank you, and I will keep you up with my progress.”

Irene Walsh
Chalfon, PA

“Theracycle has been great for me. I used to be very athletic. I was a 5K runner, and a downhill and cross country skier. My MS has stopped me from doing these things. After sitting in a wheelchair all day, Theracycle helps unstiffen my legs and reduce the swelling in my ankles. By using the Theracycle, I get that same feeling back in my legs I once felt by running and skiing. Also, it helps keep my blood pressure down. This machine has already given me more of a workout than I have had literally in years!”

Mark Mathews
New Mexico

“The Theracycle helps me to move my legs everyday. This exercise has lessened my circulation problems, loosened the stiffness in my thighs and calves, and reduced painful leg spasms.”

Mary Smith
South Windsor, CT

Additional Information on MS
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