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Theracycle PRO Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Bike

Help Your Patients Benefit from Physical Therapy Exercises with Theracycle PRO

Theracycle PRO motorized exercise bike for rehabilitation therapyDo you treat patients who suffer from mobility issues and muscle weakness due to Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury or another disability that limits range of motion? Theracycle PRO Physical Therapy Bike has been shown to increase motor control, functional mobility, strength, and balance for patients who have difficulty getting the exercise they need for physical therapy and overall wellness. Easily adaptable to a range of patients, Theracycle PRO bikes have a powerful yet quiet Smart Motor that will help your patients ease through their cycling efforts with renewed confidence and energy during difficult physical therapy.

Key Features:

  • Swivel Seat – The cushioned, extra-large swivel seat allows you to easily assist your patients on and off the bike.
  • Cutting-Edge Smart Motor – This quiet yet powerful motor helps patients do the work or lets them work at their own pace.
  • Three Pedal Options – Interchangeable and adjustable pedals quickly accommodate different users and those with foot and ankle weakness.
  • Interactive Visual Display – Easy-to-read and operate computer controls are designed for both staff and patient use.
  • Rugged Construction – A steel frame, wide legs and low center of gravity offer unparalleled safety and stability.
  • Quick Safety Shut Off – Emergency shut off button and pull cord stop bring the physical therapy bike to a complete halt.
  • Moving Handle Bars – The push/pull motion of these unique handle bars adds to the aerobic impact of the full-body workout.
  • Capacity – This Theracycle bike can accommodate up to 300 lbs or up to 500 lbs with optional modifications.

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User Testimonial

“The Theracycle offers our residents a wonderful alternative to traditional stationary exercise equipment. The Theracycle motor assists residents in moving both upper and lower body through a full range of motion, employing passive and active assistance.”

Evelyn O’Neil, BS, CTRS
Manager of Outpatient Fitness – Hebrew Senior Life, Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Boston

“I highly recommend the motorized Theracycle to all orthopedic and neurological physical therapists. The motor of the Theracycle allows my patients to receive a forced exercise regimen which helps them to form new neurological pathways, improving gait and balance.”

Marc Phillips PT, MPT, CSCS
Falcon Physical Therapy, Colorado Springs, CO

The Theracycle “offered an endurance activity to those patients who in the past have been unable to access endurance or cardiovascular equipment. Our facility was pleased with the performance of the Theracycle. It was simple to use, easy for patients to use independently and made a significant difference in strength, tone and overall functional mobility.”

Amy Bjorson, Physical Therapist
Boston, MA

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