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Stroke Physical Therapy Exercises

Using Theracycle for Stroke Rehab Exercises

For most stroke survivors, stroke rehabilitation exercises start at a hospital or stroke rehab facility and include a variety of sessions and stroke physical therapy exercises dedicated to regaining independence and movement. Studies have shown that regular stroke rehab exercise not only improves mobility and overall well-being, but its impact on lifestyle can also reduce the risk of a future stroke.

Physical therapists recommend the motorized Theracycle exercise equipment for stroke patients because it allows safe and effective stroke physical therapy and stroke rehab exercises to continue at home.

Here’s How:

Challenge: Loss of Motor Control

Theracycle Solution: Compared to standard home exercise equipment, our motorized Theracycle stroke therapy bikes are a superior choice for stroke treatment and stroke rehabilitation exercises. The unique motorized technology assists in achieving an exercise regimen even if you have lost motor control in one or both sides of your body or just simply haven’t regained leg strength.

Challenge: Mobility Issues

Theracycle Solution: Choose from the wheelchair accessible Theracycle 100 or Theracycle 300. The Theracycle 300 provides a 360-degree swivel seat that is ergonomically designed with a low step-through base making it easy for stroke patients to mount and dismount from a wheelchair or walker. With additional support handles, custom foot pedals and an incredibly stable frame, a Theracycle provides the support and safety you need and the best stroke physical therapy available.

Exercise After a Stroke

The American Heart Association recommends for overall cardiovascular health that people get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity five days per week or 25 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity three days per week. Depending on your abilities, reaching this level may not be possible. Any amount of exercise after stroke is better than nothing though, so work with your doctor to set a realistic goal and routine for yourself.

As with any new exercise routine, it is important talk to your doctor or another qualified healthcare professional before you begin. If you have any pain or discomfort, or a worsening of your symptoms, stop the stroke exercises immediately and contact your healthcare provider.

Aerobic Stroke Exercise

After a stroke, it is important to start making aerobic exercise part of your routine. Physical inactivity is a risk factor for stroke, so exercising can help prevent a recurrent stroke.

If your doctor has discussed the need for stroke recovery exercises to increase flexibility, energy, and leg strength, consider purchasing a Theracycle to receive similar benefits that other Theracycle users have experienced while exercising during their stroke recovery.

Our stroke customers love their Theracycle. Theracycle is the in-home stroke therapy solution for stroke rehab exercise and stroke physical therapy treatment.

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