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Theracycle for Home Users

Exercise as a Diabetes Treatment

Using Theracycle as a Diabetes Treatment

Researches and doctors highly recommend daily activity and regular exercise for diabetics to control what is known as the ABCs - A1C (blood glucose average), blood pressure, and cholesterol. In addition, improved leg circulation can help you avoid serious foot injuries and exercising regularly can speed the healing of diabetic ulcers. Theracycle exercise equipment is the ideal diabetes treatment as its unique motor assists you to get the exercise you need in addition to your current treatments for diabetes.

Here’s How:

Challenge: Lack of Circulation

Theracycle Solution: The special Smart Motor is what makes our bikes such effective diabetes exercise equipment. This whisper-quiet motor assists you even start and complete the full pedal loop even when you have problems with your feet and knees. This motorized assistance helps you stick to your diabetic exercise routine.

Challenge: Limited Mobility

Theracycle Solution: Getting on and off traditional fitness equipment can be difficult for diabetics with mobility challenges adding to the frustration of recommended diabetes exercise. Theracycle’s step through design and its sturdy construction provides optimal stability so you can use the bike for treatment of your diabetes independently and consistently.


User Testimonial

“I have arthritis, diabetes, and I am also overweight. If people have any of those problems, they can use the Theracycle. It really helps with keeping my blood sugar down. I use it every day for 25 minutes. I feel that this is important for me - it has to be in a room where I can use it. I definitely feel the difference. My doctors are amazed. Even you can exercise and get some benefits. It can be snowing outside but I’ll be inside riding my Theracycle.”

Diane Moriarty
Ware, Massachusetts

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