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Theracycle for Home Users

Arthritis Treatment with Arthritis Physical Therapy

Using Theracycle as an Arthritis Treatment

Countless studies have confirmed that those who suffer from the joint pain and stiffness associated with Arthritis benefit greatly from Arthritis exercise. Those who exercise regularly report less pain and joint swelling, improved functioning, increased strength, endurance and flexibility. They also experience less anxiety, depression, and a greater sense of control. Theracycle delivers the range of motion, endurance and knee-strengthening exercises most commonly suggested alleviate Arthritis symptoms.

Here’s How:

Challenge: Muscle and Joint Pain

Theracycle Solution: Unlike traditional exercise bikes that depend solely on your own muscle power the Theracycle has a Smart Motor that aids your movement. The unique motorized technology helps you get the exercise you need for longer periods of time without joint strain.

Challenge: Stiffness and Lack of Mobility

Theracycle Solution: Theracycle's step through area is specially-crafted for those with mobility issues, the low floor height makes it easy to mount and dismount independently. Additional support handles, custom foot pedals, and incredibly stable frame make it safe to use the bike daily for regular arthritis treatment with exercise.

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User Testimonial

“I have had the Theracycle machine for several months and I am extremely happy with it. Since I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and have had this condition for a long time, I started out pretty slow. At first my knees were really tight, but now I can ride the Theracycle for seven minutes per session at five miles per hour. My leg muscles are a lot stronger. I can tell because it is a lot easier to get up from my wheel chair and to get to my walker. The Theracycle definitely is helping with my circulation - I have a lot of edema and I can see the difference in my legs which are a lot less swollen. I know it sounds funny, but the Theracycle really helps with fatigue. I can be very tired and then get on the Theracycle. Even after seven minutes my body gets a surge of energy.”

Carmen Quintana
Rancho Cordova, California

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