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Theracycle for Home Users

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment with Exercise Rehabilitation

Using Theracycle for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Doctors and physical therapists alike stress the importance of exercise during spinal cord injury rehabilitation to reduce spasticity and tone. They recommend spinal cord Injury treatment with Theracycle equipment because they are confident at-home users will benefit from more regular spinal cord injury exercise on equipment they know delivers a safe and effective workout.

Here’s How:

Challenge: Need for Specialized Rehabilitation Equipment

Theracycle Solution: Spinal cord injury rehabilitation can be slow due to  the need of traveling to a facility that offers adaptive equipment specifically for spinal cord Injuries. Theracycle’s motor is the key to achieving a rehab regiment during the course of your spinal cord Injury treatment. The custom foot pedals and stable frame provide the support you need during rehab, which makes Theracycle an effective and safe piece of spinal cord injury rehab equipment.


User Testimonial

“I'm 36 years old, and I was in an auto accident when I was 19. I am a paraplegic. Theracycle is the best thing I have found to exercise my legs. I have had other bikes in the past, but Theracycle is the best piece of physical therapy equipment I have found to meet my needs. Thank you for putting out a product that has truly been a blessing to me as well as to many others.”

Robby Timmons
Mt. Airy, NC

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