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Theracycle for Home Users

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment with MS Exercises

MS Challenges & Solutions –
Using Theracycle as a Supplement Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Multiple sclerosis exercises and overall physiotherapy have been helping patients relieve MS symptoms at traditional physical therapy centers for years. Now the benefits of multiple sclerosis exercise as a supplement MS treatment can be achieved at home. Theracycle is one of the only fitness devices available that physical therapists and doctors recommend for in-home multiple sclerosis exercises because the assistive motor technology can ease common symptoms like muscle stiffness, fatigue and limited mobility that can limit activity.

Here’s How:

Challenge: Muscle Stiffness and Fatigue

Theracycle Solution: The Theracycle Smart Motor is what makes our exercise bikes ideal for use as a compliment to traditional MS treatments. The motorized assistance helps you continue your multiple sclerosis exercises without overheating and straining your compromised muscular system.

Challenge: Limited Mobility

Theracycle Solution: Many traditional exercise bikes are difficult for MS patients with mobility challenges to mount and dismount from the equipment, which adds to the frustration of multiple sclerosis exercise. Theracycle's step through design and its sturdy construction provides optimal stability for MS patients, so you can use the bike independently and feel secure doing so.

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User Testimonial

“Patients who have used the Theracycle have shown increased range of motion and decreased spasticity, improved muscle tone, strength and balance control. Further, use of the Theracycle has increased the physical endurance and improved the psychological outlook of these patients.”

Dr. Thomas F. Morgan, Assistant Professor of Clinical Neuroscience
Brown University School of Medicine

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